Richard M. Frank Conference Panel 1/4: Richard M. Frank’s Influence


April 28–29, 2023

Panel for 30 Years after Richard M. Frank: Al-Ghazālī and Avicenna in Post-Classical Islam, consisting of Thérèse-Anne Druart, Jon McGinnis, Toby Mayer, Frank Griffel, and Jan Thiele hosted by Aseel Alfataftah and Michael Lessman in four parts. Richard M. Frank was part of a generation of figures, like Josef van Ess, Daniel Gimaret, and Michael Marmura that were expanding the field of Islamic studies, and influenced and formed the way we think about Islamic intellectual history. This first part of the panel considers how his work influenced our own understanding of Islamic philosophy and theology, the work we do and the methods we utilize, as well as how he personally impacted our own life and work. What was our personal experience with him? How has his thinking and writing influenced our own work in our respective fields?