Eckart Frahm
Eckart Frahm is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Assyrian Empire. He joined Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 2002.
The award recognizes excellence in teaching in undergraduate programs and enables recipients to dedicate their summer to research.
On June 29, 2023 the network of scholars researching migration, gender and race in Global South contexts convened its first workshop. The workshop consisted of two sessions...
View of Beirut, Lebanon; Professor Robert Myers ’95 PhD (top right) and Professor Nada Saab ’03 PhD (bottom right).
They overlapped in their time as doctoral candidates at Yale—Robert Myers ’95 PhD in the Spanish and Portuguese department, and Nada Saab ’92 MPhil ’03 PhD in the Departments...
June 20 is World Refugee Day designated by the UN General Assembly. This year is a critical juncture for the international refugee response as the second Global Refugee...
Eckart Frahm
In his new book, Eckart Frahm describes the rise of Assyria from a peaceful city-state to a combative imperial power.