Faculty Publications


Hannan Hever
Readings of Hebrew poetry by a leading critic who is associated with post-Zionist thought.


Carolyn J. Sharp
This volume advances the scholarly discussion of Jeremiah via rigorous feminist and postcolonialist theorizing of texts and interpretive issues in that prophetic book. The essays here, by seasoned scholars of Jeremiah, offer significant traction on the biblical book’s construction of the...
Alan Mikhail
This book tells the story of Ottoman Egypt’s political, social, economic, and environmental transformations between 1517 and 1882 through the history of human-animal relations. Its main contention is that changing relationships between humans and animals were central to the transformation of Egypt...
Frank Griffel
Gazlî, Islm dusunce tarihinin en dikkat cekici isimlerinden birisidir. Onun kelm, felsefe, tasavvuf ve fikih gibi disiplinlerin tarihinde bir donum noktasi teskil ettigi, hatta eserleriyle Islam toplumlarinin dini algilayis ve yasayislarinda da derin izler biraktigi, bilinen bir gercektir....
Jonathan Wyrtzen
This article applies a process approach to the study of nationalism, analysing anti-colonial protest in interwar Morocco to address how and why elite-constructed national identity resonates for larger audiences. Using Alexander’s social performance model to study nationalist contention, it...
Jonathan Wyrtzen
Exploring the concept of ‘colonial cultures,’ this book analyses how these cultures both transformed, and were transformed by, their various societies. Challenging both the colonial vulgate, and the nationalist paradigm, Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco, examines the lesser known...
Jonathan Wyrtzen
As a fountainhead of postcolonial scholarship, Edward Said has profoundly impacted multiple disciplines. This chapter makes a case for why sociologists should (re)read Edward Said, paying specific attention to his warning about the inevitably violent interactions between knowledge and power in...
Dina Roginsky
This multicultural reference work on Jewish folklore, legends, customs, and other elements of folklife is the first of its kind.
Ozgen Felek
A wide-ranging consideration of the place of dreams and visions in Islamic societies from the pre-modern period to the present.


Carolyn J. Sharp
This volume invites readers to get up close and personal with one of the most respected and beloved writers of the last four decades. Carolyn J. Sharp has transcribed numerous table conversations between Walter Brueggemann and his colleagues and former students, in addition to several of his...