Roberta Dougherty

Librarian for Middle East Studies
120 High St, New Haven, CT 06511-6644

Robin Dougherty is the Curator for the Near East Collection. She has a B.A. in Oriental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in Arab Studies from Georgetown University, and a Master of Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan. She has most recently served as the Middle Eastern Studies Librarian at the University of Texas at Austin and has also held library posts at the American University in Cairo, Oxford University, the Library of Congress, and the University of Pennsylvania. She has an extensive record of publication and leadership in her field and the ability to work with Arabic, Persian, and Turkish materials. She has also studied ancient Egyptian and Coptic.

International Collections & Research Support: Near East Collection

Selector for these areas: Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, Middle East StudiesNear Eastern Languages, except HebrewNear Eastern Languages, Persian Specialist, Turkish Imprints.

Librarian for these majors: Modern Middle East Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

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Select Publications

Dance and the Dancer in Egyptian Film. Costa Mesa, Calif.: Mazda Publishers, 2005: 145-171. Available in Orbis

Badia Masabni, Artiste and Modernist: the Egyptian Print Media’s Carnival of National Identity. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000: 243-268. Available in Orbis