Randa Muhammed

Senior Lector I of Arabic
320 York Street New Haven, CT 06511

Randa Muhammed joined Yale’s faculty in 2021 as a Senior Lector I of Arabic. Her areas of specialization include teaching the Arabic language, Arabic literature and culture, curriculum design, and development of teaching materials. She has taught a wide range of language courses for non-native speakers on Media Arabic, Egyptian Dialect, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Arabic. Randa received a B.A. in Education from South Valley University and an M.A. in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo. She is also a Fulbright alumna.  

Her research interests include Arabic sociolinguistics, language choice and identity, and pedagogy of Arabic as a second as second language.

Prior coming to Yale, Randa worked at University of Colorado-Boulder as an Arabic Language and Culture instructor for eight years. Amongst other places, she had taught Arabic at Grinnell College, Middlebury Language Summer School as well as at the American University in Cairo.