Orit Yeret

Lector of Modern Hebrew / Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
304 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06511
Fields of interest : 

Creative Writing, Modern Hebrew, Second Language Acquisition, Utilizing Technology for Language Teaching, Community-Based Language Teaching

Orit Yeret is a lector in Modern Hebrew. Born and raised in Israel, she received her M.A. in Comparative Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Haifa in 2012. Following that she became certified to teach Hebrew as a second language (Hebrew College, Boston) and taught at Bard College, NY and at Vanderbilt University, TN. Yeret also serves as a committee member for the SAT subject test in Hebrew, appointed by the College Board. A key component of Orit’s work is utilizing digital tools for language teaching. She does so by designing tasks that use online games, applications, class blogs, animated clips and much more. Her engagement with the various tools is always in an effort to enhance learning and develop a modern approach towards second language acquisition. As a teacher and a writer Orit finds a profound interest in the never-ending flow of the Hebrew language. She integrates different teaching techniques, which in turn encourage individual thought and a thirst for knowledge. She finds great satisfaction in creating, and shares her love for the arts with her students.


Goren, S., Roginsky, D. and Yeret, O. (2017). “Assessment as a mean to Promote and Establish the Study of Another Language”. Hed Ha’ulpan. Issue 106, Pp. 55-72. (Published in Hebrew).