Mohammed Almazrouei

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Mohammed Almazrouei is from the United Arab Emirates, and is currently an Abu Dhabi Police Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University. He is working with Prof. Ifat Levy as the Principal Investigator and other collaborators to further advance science on decision making and optimizing performance under stress, including within the forensic science context. The fellowship is ideally situated within Center of Neurocognition & Behavior in the newly established Wu Tsai Institute, and the Yale Department of Comparative Medicine.

He has recently completed a PhD on forensic decision-making at UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Ruth Morgan and Dr. Itiel Dror. His PhD research focused on the possible sources and impacts of workplace stress on decision-making in forensic science. Dr. Almazrouei has published seven peer-reviewed articles describing his research on stress and feedback in forensic decision-making, and presented in several international conferences and also to forensic service providers on these topics. 

Dr. Almazrouei is also a forensic practitioner in the Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department, United Arab Emirates. He is an affiliate member of the OSAC Human Factors Task Group, embedded within the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.