Gerhard Bowering

Professor of Religious Studies
451 College St, New Haven, CT 06511-8906
Fields of interest : 

Islamic Studies

Gerhard Böwering is a Professor of Islamic Studies. His books include Mystical Vision of Existence in Classical Islam (1980), Sulami’s Minor Qur’an Commentary (Ziyadat haq’iq al-tafsir, 1995), Islam and Christianity: the Inner Dynamics of Two Cultures of Belief (2007), Sulami’s Sufi Treatises (Rasa’il sufiya, 2009) and Sulami’s Sufi Inquiries (Masa’il sufiya, 2010), Negah-e ‘Erfani be-vojud (2010), Islamic Political Thought: An Introdcution, Princeton University Press: Princeton 2015, The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought (PEIPT),  Princeton University Press, Princeton 2013, The Comfort of the Mystics: A Handbook and Anthology of Sufism (critical Arabic text edition and analysis, of Salwat al-‘ārifīn, co-authored with Bilal Orfali); Brill, Leiden 2012, as well as numerous articles, including those in the Encyclopaedia of Islam, the Encyclopedia of the Qur’an, and the Encyclopaedia Iranica.