Erez Seri-Levy

Fox Fellow

Erez Seri-Levy is a PhD student at the School of Political Science, Governance and International Affairs, Tel Aviv University. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science ( magna cum laude ) and a bachelor’s degree in History of the Middle East and Economics. His principal research explores political knowledge and political behavior. It focuses on the causal effects of citizens’ factual knowledge of democratic institutions and processes on political attitudes and voter behavior, in the context of the rise in support for radical populist parties. Additional research areas of his include strategic studies and the impact of technology on international relations. He was a doctoral research fellow at the Citizen’s Empowerment Center in Israel (CECI), an NGO committed to promoting political awareness and encouraging civic involvement. There he monitored government resolutions and developed proposals to improve elected officials’ accountability, parliamentary oversight, and political stability. Outside of academia, he is a high school civics teacher and has led research and analysis teams in the Israel Defense Forces.