Abdul-Rehman Malik

Associate Research Scholar
115 Prospect St., New Haven, CT 06520-8206

Abdul-Rehman Malik is an award-winning London-based journalist, educator and organizer. He is programs manager for the Radical Middle Way, which offers powerful, faith-inspired guidance and tools to enable change, promote social justice for all and combat exclusion and violence. His work has spanned the UK, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Mali, Morocco, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia. In January 2015, he became director of the Insight Film Festival, a unique year-round festival that celebrates the intersection between faith and film. Malik is a regular contributor to BBC Radio, offering Pause for Thought—contemporary perspectives on spirituality—on Radio 2 and presenting documentaries and programs for Radio 4 and the World Service. His recent documentary work includes “The Muhammadan Bean: The Secret History of Islam and Coffee” and “Finding Allah at 33rpm.” A trustee of the Sandford St Martins Trust, a UK-based trust which promotes excellence in broadcasting about religion, Malik has a keen interest in harnessing cultural capital for social change. In addition to providing content guidance to a variety of cultural and literary institutions, he is currently working with colleagues from around the world to establish a global network of Muslim cultural leaders committed to supporting cutting-edge artistic production and building cultural capital.