Yale Postdoctoral Trainees

InterAsia Virtual Two-Day Workshop: Itinerant People and Moving Objects Across Islamic Asia

This workshop requires reading of pre-circulated material to participate, since the goal is to provide critical feedback to junior scholars working on their first monographs. Conceptually, the goal of the workshop is to think critically about itinerant communities and moving objects. By privileging the lens of mobility, and in some cases immobility, as an analytical tool, the workshop reconsiders and rearticulates ideas about space and space-making, boundaries or borders that are formed and defied, and issues of longing and belonging.

VIRTUAL: The Sojourner Project / South Africa • Frequencies of Blackness: A Listening Session

At a moment of transnational racial reckoning, this listening session explores black frequency as a site of possibility. It engages black frequency in multiple forms: as a sonic space that ranges from silence to deafening, dissonant noise; as a register of ecstatic rapture and spirituality; as a temporal feedback loop of memory, repetition, and renewal; as a dynamic relation of call and response, or chorus and verse; as a haptic and kinetic space of contact and connection across the African continent and its various diasporas.

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