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PRFDHR Seminar: What is Home? Stories of Belonging from the New Syrian Diaspora, Professor Wendy Pearlman

What is home? While of universal significance, this question gains special meaning in contexts of forced migration, as the violent dislodging of persons from their established moorings brings to the fore dynamics of home-making that are obscured in more settled circumstances. Syria is a particularly illustrative case due to the staggering speed and scope of the displacement of millions of people, as well as the unparalleled variety of experiences that they are having in nearly every country across the globe.

Health Care of Afghan Refugees Part 3: Emergency Care and Women’s Health

Please join the YSM Office of Global Health for the third webinar in the series - Health Care of Afghan Refugees: Emergency Care and Women’s Health.
Learning Objectives:
● Recognize drivers of acute care utilization in the resettled population
● Understand Emergency Department-specific care consideration
● Identify key women’s health needs for the resettled Afghan population
● Highlight resources to better serve the women in the resettled Afghan population in our community

Between Turkish Nationalism and Greek Irredentism: The Greek Orthodox Community of Istanbul (ca. 1908-1923)

Dimitris Kamouzis is a Researcher at the Centre for Asia Minor Studies (Athens, Greece). He received his PhD in History at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King’s College London. He has written several articles on the Greek Orthodox populations of the Ottoman Empire/Turkey and is co-editor of the collective volume State – Nationalisms in the Ottoman Empire, Greece and Turkey: Orthodox and Muslims, 1830-1945 (Oxon: SOAS/ Routledge Studies on the Middle East, 2013).

Faith, Loss, and the Twilight of Christianity in the Land of the Prophets

The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will host a conversation with Jackson Senior Fellow and journalist Janine di Giovanni about her new book, “The Vanishing: Faith, Loss, and the Twilight of Christianity in the Land of the Prophets.”
The book, published October 5, reveals the plight and possible extinction of Christian communities across Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Palestine after 2,000 years in their historical homeland.

Fireside Chat with Abdi Ismail

Join 2021 World Fellow Abdi Ismail for a fireside chat about his career working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Most recently stationed in Yemen, Abdi was in charge of managing the security of ICRC staff, assets, and operations in a very volatile security environment.
Open to Yale students.

Learning, Wellbeing, and Models of Innovation

The Global Health Studies Program will continue its Fall 2021 Global Health Speaker Series with the discussion, “Learning, Wellbeing, and Models of Innovation.”
Questscope’s Founder Curt Rhodes and COO Muthanna Khriesat (a 2021 World Fellow) will address models of innovation and social entrepreneurship in their experiences with an international organization committed to social development, emergency assistance, and alternative pathways to learning for youths in the Middle East and North Africa region. Rhodes will join via Zoom. 

Afghanistan: A View from the Frontlines

International Security Studies will host a Virtual Discussion Forum on Afghanistan: A View from the Frontlines, featuring Yale alumna Clarissa Ward, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent. Ms. Ward has just returned to London following her riveting, on-the-ground coverage of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.
For more than 15 years, Ms. Ward has reported from front lines across the world from Syria,

PRFDHR Seminar: Activism from Exile: How Activists Abroad Influence Politics Back Home, Professor Elizabeth Nugent

How do activists in exile mobilize citizens back home, and how do regimes respond when they do? In an on-going book project titled Exiles: How Activist Abroad Influence Politics Back Home, Professor Elizabeth Nugent investigates politics in exile, whether and how activists persist in activism once they are forcibly dislocated from their homeland, by drawing on insights from research on the biographical effects of activism, psycho-behavioral effects of trauma and emotion, and forced migration.

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