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On Joy and Sorrow: Jewish Music-Making in Muslim Lands

Please join us for a day-long symposium on Jewish music-making in Muslim lands, culminating in a concert in Marquand Chapel on the Matrouz material of North Africa with singer Laura Elkeslassy. In this symposium, facilitated by ISM Fellow Ilana Webster-Kogen and Vanessa Paloma Elbaz, scholars from around the world consider the diverse forms of Jewish-Muslim artistic interventions that have animated life in the Arab world, al-Andalus and the Ottoman Empire.

Hamza Akram Qawwal & Brothers

This event is at full capacity.

Doors will open at 7:00 PM. All ticket holders must arrive by 7:15 PM, after which time tickets will be released to waitlisted patrons.

All members of a reservation must be present to be admitted. (I.e., if a reservation for two seats has been made, these seats must be claimed simultaneously.)

An Islamic Commons? Reflections on environmental, economic, and social stewardship from an indigenous apiary in Morocco

Dr. Salah Chafik’s research is inspired by the age-old question and notion of ‘living and doing good’ or السعادة القصوى (eudaimonia). He studies the pursuit & understanding of public value creation beyond a global Western paradigm, focusing on purpose-driven indigenous institutions rooted in Islam. In particular, he is interested in the role of these institutions in delivering public services to, taking on challenges for, and shaping the business and wider socio-economic environment of their communities.

PRFDHR Seminar: AI, Digital Identities, Biometrics, Blockchain: How the Use of Technology is Changing Migration Globally, Dr. Raphaela Schweiger

The seminar led by Dr. Raphaela Schweiger will delve into the profound impacts of digitalization and technological advancements on migration and refugee policies. In a world shaped by rapid technological change, this seminar offers an exploration of the evolving landscape, both globally and in some specific cases in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Technology has already begun reshaping the experiences of migrants, refugees, and those on the move.

Ayse Zarakol- Before the West: The Rise and Fall of Eastern World Orders

Ayse Zarakol is Professor of International Relations at the University of Cambridge and a Politics Fellow at Emmanuel College. Her research is at the intersection of IR and historical sociology, focusing on East-West relations in the international system, history and future of world order(s), conceptualizations of modernity and sovereignty, rising and declining powers, and Turkish politics in a comparative perspective.

Cosponsored by the Fox International Fellowship

Race, Gender and Migration in the Global South

This workshop inaugurates a network of early career social scientists researching the racial and gendered dynamics of migration and bordering in the Global South. It emerges in response to the ongoing situation of anti-black and anti-immigrant violence in Tunisia, precipitated by statements President Saied made calling for the deportation of sub-Saharan African migrants and stoking racial violence against them. As scholars of the region point out, racialized discourses regarding sub-Saharan migration are not new to Tunisia nor new to North Africa at large.

Wonders and Rarities: The Marvelous Book That Traveled the World and Mapped the Cosmos

Wonders and Rarities: The Marvelous Book That Traveled the World and Mapped the Cosmos
A Yale Seminar in Religious Studies Book Talk
with Travis Zadeh, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
In conversation with Manan Ahmed, Associate Professor, Columbia University, and Elly Truitt Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania,
moderated by Kathryn Lofton, FAS Dean of Humanities, Yale University.

Friday, April 21, 2023
WLH 309, 100 Wall Street
3:30 – 5:00
*Refreshments served at 3:00

Lessons in Drag, with LaWhore Vagistan

The day before Kareem Khubchandani’s Franke Lecture in the Humanities (“Aunty Aesthetics, or More Ways to Be an Aunty”) they will perform a drag show as your favorite South Asian drag aunty, LaWhore Vagistan. Dr. Vagistan brings the nightclub to the classroom (and vice versa) to explain how critical social theory matters in queer nightlife. Touching on themes that include globalization, feminist theory, and Islamophobia, she stages the nightclub as a site of politics and pleasure.

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