InterAsia Virtual Two-Day Workshop: Itinerant People and Moving Objects Across Islamic Asia

Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 9:30am to 11:30am
Online See map
Free but register in advance

This workshop requires reading of pre-circulated material to participate, since the goal is to provide critical feedback to junior scholars working on their first monographs. Conceptually, the goal of the workshop is to think critically about itinerant communities and moving objects. By privileging the lens of mobility, and in some cases immobility, as an analytical tool, the workshop reconsiders and rearticulates ideas about space and space-making, boundaries or borders that are formed and defied, and issues of longing and belonging. The panelists examine these larger questions within the context of Islamic Asia, tracing connections between and beyond one specific geography, over or by sea. The panelists, composed of anthropologists, historians, and art historians, explore these processes from the early modern period to the contemporary.

Please email if you are interested in participating. There is a cap on the maximum number of attendees in order to facilitate discussions.