CMES Panel: Lebanon at a Crossroads, 100 years on


October 15, 2020

Sally Abi Khalil, Country Director of Oxfam in Lebanon & World Fellow @Yale University 
Teresa Chahine, Sheila and Ron ’92 B.A. Marcelo Senior Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at the School of Management @Yale University 
Khalil Gebara, Professor of Economics at Lebanese American University & Senior Policy Fellow at the Issam Fares Institute @American University of Beirut 

This event will be moderated by Kaveh Khoshnood, School of Public Health, Yale University. 

The Beirut Port blast of August 4th happened one month before the 100 year celebration of the establishment of greater Lebanon. The blast came at a time when the country is grappling with multi-faceted socio-economic and governance crises, with come on top of refugee response, COVID response and more recently a Beirut blast response. The panel will reflect on the political economy of Lebanon at this key juncture in time by exploring broader regional and internal governance dynamics, the vacuum created by the Beirut blast, aid and recovery and the resilience of the Lebanese people as they responded to the crisis.