Stefan Simon

Director, Global Cultural Heritage Initiatives
300 Heffernan Dr., Bldg 900

Stefan Simon is the Inaugural Director of the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) at Yale University, dedicated to advancing the field of heritage science by improving the science and practice of conservation in a sustainable manner. He is responsible for directing the intellectual, creative, programmatic, and operational leadership of the Institute, leading multidisciplinary collaborations at the convergence of Yale’s academic programs and outstanding collections. Simon has oversight for the Institute’s six state-of–the-art laboratories, spanning Aging Diagnostics, Conservation, Digitization, Lens Media, Sustainable Conservation and Technical Studies.

As director of the IPCH, Simon has prioritized the advancement of sustainable conservation strategies triggered by global climate change, the green museum debate, the development of analytical technologies and questions of conservation documentation and access in the digital age. Dr. Simon is a leading voice in the international culture in crisis debate and involved in various collaborative efforts to rescue and preserve cultural heritage. In response to the recent and ongoing destruction of historical sites in the Middle East and Africa, the IPCH and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, were granted UNESCO patronage to bring together the international conservation and preservation community to discuss ways of counteracting the massive loss of cultural heritage. He is also acting on public stage as a strong advocate against illicit traffic and for the study of authenticity questions.