Omur Kula Capan

2021 World Fellow

Ömür Kula Çapan is a well-known creative strategist and experience designer in Turkey who successfully managed pioneering companies like Tribal WW and R/GA Istanbul, leading the digital transformation of Turkey’s biggest brands and companies, and helped build Turkey’s first and most successful digital-only bank, Enpara. She is also a sought-after keynote speaker, columnist, and a guest lecturer for many universities.

Alongside her successful career in the business world, her true passion lies in channeling this creativity for the transformation of societies for a better world. She has participated in the foundation of the Civic Involvement Projects of Sabancı University, and helped to take the model nation-wide with the Open Institute’s funding to other universities. She designed award-winning alternative curriculums for refugee, Kurdish, and at-risk children. Her belief and strong drive for educational reform and change that is based on grass-roots activation has given her a seat at the most prestigious board of the Educational Reform Initiative. Her idealistic views and hard work have also won her the chair for being the youngest president of the Advertising Foundation, whose focus is to nurture talent for the industry.