The Program on Governance and Local Development
The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) was launched on May 1-2 with the inaugural conference titled “Mapping Local Governance.” The Program fosters innovative research that breaks new ground in the understandings of governance and development issues focused on the Middle East. It is poised to significantly advance the theoretical and substantive understanding of governance in the region, extending research on politics and development that has primarily been state-centered, overlooking sub-national disparities that helped spark the 2011 uprisings.

The Program in Iranian Studies
The Program in Iranian Studies at the MacMillan Center promotes study of Iran, Afghanistan and the Persian cultural sphere, with emphasis on regional and international affairs, domestic political developments as well as society, religion, culture, law, medicine and public health, economy, and environment. The ISI strives to reflect diverse views on security and foreign policy as well as nongovernmental voices and views of deprived groups such as women, intellectual descanters, religious and ethnic minorities, and nonconformists. It also encourages study of Iran and Afghanistan within the broader context of the Middle East, and especially in relation to the neighboring Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Persian Gulf, as well as Pakistan, India, China, and Central Asia. For further information on the Iranian Studies Initiative and its activities click here.