Abbas Amanat

Professor of History
Fields of interest : 

Modern Middle East, early modern and modern Iran, Sh’ism and the Persianate world

Abbas Amanat is a Professor of History and of International and Area Studies and is Director of the Iranian Studies Initiative. His teaching and research interests include modern Iran and the Middle East, Shi’ism, and apocalypticism. He is the consulting editor of “Encyclopaedia Iranica” for the 19th century. His publications include, Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shi’ism (2009); Pivot of the Universe: Nasir al-Din Shah and the Iranian Monarchy, 1831-1896 (1997, 2009); Resurrection and Renewal: the Making of the Babi Movement in Iran, 1844-1850 (1989, 2005) and In Search of Modern Iran: Authority, Nationhood and Culture (1501-2001) (forthcoming). Most recently he co-edited: Is There a Middle East: the Evolution of a Geographic Concept (2011) and Iran Facing Others: Identity Boundaries in Historical Perspective (2012). His recent courses include Empire, Nationalism and Revolution in the Modern Middle East; From the Great Game to the Great Satan; Narratives of Modern Iran and Myth and Memory in the Persian Book of Kings.

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