Working Papers

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The United States & the Middle East: Diplomatic and Economic Relations in Perspective

The United States and the Specter of Islam: The Early Nineteenth Century
Robert J. Allison

U.S.-Iranian Relations, 1911-195
Mansour Bonakdarian

Friction from the Sidelines: Diplomacy, Religion and Culture in American-Egyptian Relations, 1919-1939
Erez Manela

U.S. Advisory Aid to Turkey: The Hines-Kemmerer Mission, 1933-1934
Marcie J. Patton

The State Department’s ‘Anti-Zionist Stand’: A Reevaluation
Lawrence Davidson

The United States and Great Britain Navigate the Anglo-Iranian Oil Crisis
Mary Ann Heiss

The Riddle of Islam: American Images and Interpretations, 1945-1960
Matthew F. Jacobs

The Eagle and The Sphinx: American and Arab Nationalism, 1945-1970
Douglas Little

Contesting Arabism: The Eisenhower Doctrine and the Arab Middle East, 1956-1959
Salim Yaqub

Black Gold, White Crude: Race and the Making of the World Oil Frontier
Robert Vitalis

The United States & the Middle East: Cultural Encounters

The Search for the Ancient and Holy

Yale and the Study of Near Eastern Languages in America, 1770-1930
Benjamin R. Foster

The Archaeologist’s Spade and the Apologist’s Stacked Deck: The Near East Through Conservative Christian Bibliolatry
Daniel Martin Varisco

American Palestine: Mark Twain and the Touristic Comodification of the Holy Land
Hilton Obenzinger

Religious Paradigms

“Drying up the Euphrates:” Muslims, Millennialism and Early American Missionary Experience
Timothy Marr

American, the Second ‘AD: Prophecies about the Downfall of the United States
David Cook

“Benevolent Supremacy:” Biblical Epic Films, Suez, and the Cultural Politics of U.S. Power
Melani McAlister

Text and Context: Incorporating the Other in Literature

An Early Arab Encounter with America: The Story of Mikhail Nu ayama
Rasheed El-Enany

A Grave for New York and New York 80: Formulating an Arab Identity through the Lens of New York
Michelle Hartman

Observing the Birth of a Nation: The Oriental Spy/Observer Genre and Nation Making in Early American Literature
Lotfi Ben Rejeb

Exporting Religion and Education

Ecclesiastical Warefare: Patriarch, Presbyterian, and Peasant in Nineteenth-Century Asyut
Paul Sedra

Ottoman Official Attitudes Towards American Missionaries
Cagri Erhan


Representations of the Middle East at American World Fairs 1876-1904
Eric Davis

When Palestine Played the Palace: Vaudeville Interprets the Balfour Declaration
Charles A. Kennedy

Apocalypse and Violence

The Evidence from the Reception History of the Book of Revelation
Christopher Rowland

Eschatology, Violence, and Suicide: An Early Rabbinic Theme and its Influence in the Middle Ages
Adiel Schremer

The End is Near: Minor and Major Signs of the Hour in Islamic Texts and Contexts
Barbara Freyer Stowasser

The Unholy Uses of the Apocalyptic Imagination: Twentieth Century Patterns
R. Scott Appleby

Symmetric Dualisms: Bush and bin Laden on October 7, 2001
Bruce Lincoln