Certificate of Concentration


Graduate Certificate of Concentration in Modern Middle East Studies

Who is eligible?
Graduate and Professional Students currently enrolled in an advanced degree at Yale.

Why pursue it?
The “Certificate” recognizes competency in the field of modern Middle East Studies with language and culture at the core of the area studies concept. Its award acknowledges substantial preparation in Middle East Studies, both in the student’s major graduate or professional field, and also in terms of the disciplinary and geographical diversity required to demonstrate expertise in the region as a whole.

What are the requirements?

  1. Language proficiency. The equivalent of two years of successful study at Yale in one of the four major modern languages of the Middle East, e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish.
  2. Courses. A total of 6 courses in at least two disciplines on the Middle East and related issues. No more than four courses may count in any one discipline. Included in these six courses must be an introductory Middle East history course, such as State and Society and Culture in the Middle East (taken with special supplemental graduate readings and assignments) and a foundations course, such as Culture and Politics in the Contemporary Middle East. All courses must be completed with a passing grade. Course credit earned on a Pass/Fail or Credit/D/Fail basis will not fulfill the requirement.
  3. Research paper. The paper must focus on a regional or comparative topic that encompasses more than one country of the region. Normally, it also will be interdisciplinary.

Who awards it?
The faculty of the Council on Middle East Studies at the Betty and Whitney MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies with the authority of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Yale.

What resources will help me pursue the Certificate?
The Council on Middle East Studies welcomes students to participate in its robust program of courses, extracurricular and research-related activities. As a federally recognized National Resource Center, the Council supports language study and research in the region with federal grants and other funds. Students may also tap the MacMillan Center’s larger set of competitive student grants, at macmillan.yale.edu/graduate-professional-student-grants.

How do I apply?
Applications may be submitted no later than the beginning of the second term of study. Download application here.

Contact the Graduate Certificate Advisor:
Kishwar Rizvi